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Runic Symbols root deeply in the darkness of Nordic pre- Christian history when magical powers reigned over reality. What if these Runes are still anchored in our subconscious and just waiting for their resurrection?

KATHIE BERGLUND, 26, is a rookie with the German secret service, the BND. She encounters the world of Runes through the investigation into the mysterious murder of a prominent covert colleague. Kathie starts on a voyage into the abyss of a long forgotten magical wisdom.


Family Drama

With Nick Kraemer


Germany 2019 – CHARLOTTE REBER, single mother of two, joins the hapless right wing movement NEUES DEUTSCHLAND because she is done being silenced and feeling impotent. The influx of 2 million refugees and a sudden economical downturn shakes Germany to the very foundations; and Charlotte finds the right words to express the discontent of millions of Germans…


Fantasy Drama

Long before our civilization, humans shared this world with gods; some gods would fall for an ordinary human and thus a child would be born, half-god, half-man - doomed to be a hero. This is the story of one of them, AENEAS, who failed to save Troy -- because he was meant to change the world and to become the founder of its first capital, Rome.

  •     Runner Up: Independent Filmmakers Showcase Los Angeles 2016

  •     Finalist: Los Angeles Screenplay Contest 2016

  •     Finalist: Storypros 2015


Crime Drama

With Nick Kraemer

GUS GUNNER, a Special Agent of the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command and soft spoken, left leaning ALBERT KRAEMER-KALTENSTEIN, agent with the German Bundeskriminalamt, join forces when they have to work together at a top secret U.S-German special crime task force, which is based on the U.S. Airbase in Ramstein, Germany.


Spy Drama

For Leitwolf Films, Hamburg, Germany

LAYLA KURZ, 26,German with Palestinian roots, is in the middle of her training to become a special agent of the German Bundeskriminalamt  when she meets her first love RASHEED again. Rasheed has tried to become a rapper and when that failed, joined a group of young angry Muslim immigrants who plan to make their voice heard. This is the chance of a lifetime for Layla, even if a solo undercover operation can end her career before it has begun….


Period Thriller

With Marty Ollstein

California 1945: HANS LISTMANN, a German POW, is forced to escape from a prison camp in California and into a plot to abduct MARLENE DIETRICH who Adolf Hitler wants to be returned to Germany. Hans has to decide: either for self preservation and going along with the plot or for once in his life to stand up and prevent the Nazis from carrying out the kidnapping. Series in the style of film noir set against the backdrop of 1940s Los Angeles.


Coming of Age

AMY, 16, always knew that she was different. When she discovers that her childhood has been stolen –and the she is not the only one – she unveils the secret of an American family of psychologists of German origins who uses their ancestors findings during the Nazi Era to boost the development of Artificial Intelligence.

  •     Winner of P7S1 2014 contest for best TV series Treatment

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Steve’s mother Karen has always taken good care of her boy. On a post-grad trip through Europe with his secret love MARSHA, her friends KYLE and SHAWN bully and ridicule Steve for being so attached to his mother. 


During a weird party with some German locals in an eerie house in the woods, Marsha’s friends die, one after the other. And somebody has seen a female figure with a knife… Has Stevie’s mother Karen come six thousand miles to protect her mummy’s boy?


Spec Script – family drama

HUNTER, 45, mother of two and a complete tech-ignorant takes up a fight with KYLE MOORE, the Internet’s worst bad boy, to save the dignity of her seventeen-year-old daughter CAROLINE when naked pictures of her appear on the Internet.

  • Finalist: Screenplay Festival 2015

  • Semi Finalist: Austin Indie Flix Showcase 2014

  • Finalist Hollywood Screenplay Contest 2014

  • Finalist Family Film Fest Los Angeles 2014

  • Winner: New York Screenplay Contest 2014


Period Drama

1945, ANGELA, daughter of a Holocaust survivor, comes to the US, together with her traumatized father; at the same time rocket engineer WERNHER VON BRAUN is allowed into the country. When Angela learns that Von Braun was the master of the hell her father barely survived, he is well on his way to send a man to the moon – and to become mankind’s most brilliant hero.


Period Drama

With Benni Korzen (producer of the original BABETTE’S FEAST)

BABETTE’S FEAST, the Oscar Winner for best Foreign language Picture in 1989 is set in the 19th century. The remake will take place in today’s England: One day, Babette, a mysterious French woman, appears in Middleton, the forlorn hometown of the once famous soccer club Middleton United. Babette’s culinary art will turn things around in Middleton … but Babette has also come here for a reason …

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Pilot Script and Treatment - Webseries

Webseries about a mysterious guy who randomly meets people and transforms their lives.

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